The Gomon Dojo (“Five Gates Training Centre”) is a small, private personal protection, conflict resolution and emergency management training organization, located in Severn, Ontario.

The mission of the Gomon Dojo is to equip, prepare and empower our members and clients to become “Apex Protectors” — capable, confident, conscientious citizen-warriors, ready, willing and able to respond effectively to emergencies of all type and description, at a moment’s notice, and for as long as necessary.

As our name implies, the Gomon Dojo’s organizational ethos and training methodology are deeply-rooted in bujutsu — the traditional combat and survival methods of Japan’s legendary samurai and ninja.

However, our methodology is also infused with tenets, tools, techniques, tactics and training methods gleaned from many sources — eastern and western, traditional and contemporary — and is constantly tested and refined, to ensure that our programs remain on the cutting edge of research and development in the mind, movement and martial sciences.

The Gomon Dojo currently offers 1-2 hour private sessions, 3-4 hour workshops and 1-2 day (weekend) seminars on all aspects of personal protection, conflict resolution and emergency management.

The Gomon Dojo is a mobile training service, capable of delivering our workshops and seminars anywhere in the province of Ontario — and beyond.

For more information, please contact Gomon Dojo Director / Chief Instructor, Brian Opdenkelder, at one of the following…

Voice / Text: (705)238-1250

Email: info@gomondojo.ca

Facebook: Gomon Dojo (page)


Prepare to prevail.