Goshinjutsu is a gendai sogo bujutsu system – or, “contemporary, composite martial art”, based primarily on the traditional combat and survival methods of Japan’s legendary ninja and samurai.

The most common translation of the Japanese term goshinjutsu is “self-protection methods”. However – as with all things Japanese – there are many layers of meaning and complexity to the term goshinjutsu. Depending on the kanji character used for shin in this context, and the depth of understanding and experience possessed by both the author and reader, the term goshinjutsu can be expressed in any of the following ways…

  • “methods to protect one’s body”
  • “methods to protect one’s heart, mind or spirit”
  • “methods to protect one’s relatives, or family”

Goshinjutsu, as it is practised and taught at the Gomon Dojo, encompasses all of the expressions listed above.

Beginning students of goshinjutsu will, out of necessity, be focused almost exclusively on self-protection, but as their confidence and competence grows, they will invariably expand their “protective sphere” to include loved ones, friends, coworkers, and anyone else who needs protection.

This is why we choose to use the broader, more inclusive term personal protection methods to describe what we do.

Gomon Dojo Goshinjutsu is far broader in scale and scope than modern combat sports, self-defence systems and martial arts. It addresses any and all potential threats to our health, happiness, security and success.

Goshinjutsu consists of five distinct, but related, fields of study, spread across the three general domains of warrior training: Mind, Body and Craft


The Warrior’s Mind

The warrior’s mind is a state-of-the-art mobile command centre, where intelligence is gathered, plans are devised, and action is initiated. Awareness and acuity. Courage and compassion, Intellect and intuition. Resilience and resourcefulness. These are the defining characteristics of the warrior, and his most important weapons.

General Psychological Training

  • Psychology, Sociology, Criminology & Philosophy
  • Natural Health, Lifestyle & Stress Management
  • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving
  • Emergency Management Theory
  • Intelligence Gathering, Strategic Planning & Logistics
  • Interpersonal Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership, Group Dynamics & Social Networking
  • Community-Building & Dynamic Governance
  • Natural Studies & Environmental Stewardship
  • Alternative Economics – aka. “Goshinomics”


The Warrior’s Body

The warrior’s body is a high-performance, organic combat chassis, purpose-built for hard use. Strength, stamina and speed. Balance and ballistic power. Agility and accuracy. These are among the many physical attributes the warrior forges through diligent training, practice and sacrifice, and skilfully applies to his craft.

 General Physical Training

  • Biology, Physiology & Kinesiology
  • Natural Health & Nutrition
  • Natural Movement Training
  • Tactical Athletics Training
  • Athletic Leadership & Coaching


The Warrior’s Craft

The warrior’s craft is a gilded war chest, fully stocked with a wide array of tools, techniques and tactics. Craft is the manifestation of intent; and dedication to craft – making the conscious, moral decision every day to prepare to prevail over adversity – is the Way of the Warrior.

 General Technical Training

  • Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, Response & Mitigation
  • Trade Skills (Carpentry, Plumbing, Auto Mechanics, etc.)
  • Natural Farming Methods & Homesteading Skills
  • Bushcraft (Wilderness Living & Survival Skills)
  • Fieldcraft (Para-Military Combat & Survival Tactics)

Unarmed Combatives

  • Tactical Posturing & Positioning
  • Adaptive Movement
  • Striking & Strike Defence
  • Grappling & Grappling Defence
  • Unarmed Weapon Defence

Armed Combatives

  • Blunt Weapons
  • Edged Weapons
  • Projectile Weapons
  • Flexible Weapons
  • Hybrid Weapons (Spear, Halberd, etc.)


No Belts. No Bowing. No Bullshit.

While our goshinjutsu system is deeply rooted in the rich martial heritage of Japan, we do not subscribe to the dubious grading practices, obvious displays of rank and status, forced honorifics, quasi-religious rituals, or obsolete techniques commonly practiced in traditional, eastern martial arts today. It is our belief that such antiquated cultural trappings serve only to bloat our western egos, waste our precious training time, and distract us from our mission.

We also use Japanese terminology very sparingly in our training sessions. Gomon Dojo Goshinjutsu is a composite system, with approximately 40% of the content gleaned from non-Japanese sources. So, for the sake of clarity and consistency, we default to Canadian English when practicing, teaching and discussing goshinjutsu.


Goshinjutsu Training in Ontario…

Gomon Dojo Goshinjutsu training is currently available in 1-2 hour private sessions, 3-4 hour workshops, and 1- and 2-day weekend seminars.

We also hold a 2-day training conference — NINJAPALOOZA — annually, on the last weekend of August. This outdoor, family-friendly event features notable instructors from around the province, presenting on a variety of topics related to personal protection.

Gomon Dojo instructors are ready, willing and able to deliver goshinjutsu training to individuals and groups, anywhere in the province of Ontario.

For more information, please contact Gomon Dojo Director / Chief Instructor, Brian Opdenkelder, at one of the following…

Voice / Text: (705)238-1250


Facebook Page: Gomon Dojo

Prepare to prevail.